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9/27/15 Recap

Dear Clients,

Let’s be honest, if any of you took the time to watch these games you’d see we’ve had some pretty bad luck. The good part is that all of these plays were only 1 unit. 1 unit is really not that much, your bankroll consists of 58 units.

We will bounce back. We will be betting big on Sunday. I have two plays that my eyes have been on all week. You have to trust the process and follow the system. We have had a bad few days and sometimes it does happen, but very rarely. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

The stats don’t lie. We have won 22 of our last 30 weeks. That’s pretty incredible to say the least. Since the inception of our website we are up huge, about +160units. For those of you who are doubting the system, its understandable. But you have to grind it out because the good will come I promise.

We will tackle tomorrow with the games we feel have the best chance to win for the best price.

If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.


SBE Team