Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide on the picks you make?
The SBE Team studies millions of different variables to make sure your money is on the right selection.
How many picks do you have per day?
That varies, depends on how many picks we are confident in.
How do you send the picks to clients?
The client has the option to receive picks via email. Also, all picks will be available to each client on their account via website.
When do you send the picks to clients?
The picks are sent out around 5:30-6:00 PM EST for night games, and 11AM-12:30 PM EST for day games.
What is your winning percentage?
We have over a 60% win percentage in the four main sports on an annual basis since the inception of this business.
How does your system work?
Our system has been tested and studied for 5+ years. While it is not perfected, it is extremely successful and provides you with the highest return on investment you will find in Sports Betting!
Do you use a unit system?
Yes, we do. It is explained more upon the purchase of your subscription. Day passes are non-refundable.
Do you rate your plays?
Yes and No. We believe that it is not smart to bet different units on plays per day. So we keep it to a minimum!
How do I find today’s picks on the website?
To get to today’s picks: login to the website, hover over my account (or if you’re on mobile, click the arrow next to My Account), and select Today’s Picks.

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