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5/25/2016 Recap

Dear Clients,

Not the day we had hoped for. To be honest, we knew this day was going to come sooner rather than later. We have been so hot, winning 11 of past 12 weeks, that cooling off is only natural. We will experience downs, because that is the game we choose to play, its how we respond and how we maintain our composure.

We sit down about -3.5 units on the week which is really not that much at all, considering we are playing with a 58unit bankroll. We will keep chugging along. Tomorrow is only Thursday on the week, we have a lot of time left to get in the green. Trust the process, follow the system. In the end we want to profit longterm and thats just what were doing.

We are writing this so that you wont lose sight of the main goal.

Lets make it happen, keep your heads up and stay composed.


SBE Team