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3/23/15 Week Recap

Dear Clients,

What an up and down week. I want to prove a point to everyone. What we have accomplished and are accomplishing is nothing short than spectacular.

First off, take this as a learning lesson. This is why we trust the unit system. If you got all my plays in, including Utah -6.5 and I know it was tough to get Ohio State 2H, but some of you did, and even if you didn’t. You profited something this week. While I do give as many free days as needed to profit and make your stay here @SportsBetExpert worthwhile, you have to TRUST THE PROCESS!

We gained anywhere from +.5U – +8U this week. Making it 19 out of 23 winning weeks. +246ish units last 23 weeks. It is all about the long term people. All about the LONG TERM! Everyone looks for the big kill, but let me tell you something. It doesn’t happen in sports betting. You have to be Jesus Christ himself.

Now listen to me, I have a lot of connections in Vegas. The books took a lot of money from the public this week. They didn’t get any from us. That’s a win. The tournament is the hardest thing in the world to bet. It just is.

We will start the new week off tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! I am so happy and thankful to have such great clients like yourselves. Thank you for all the kind messages and emails. Thanks for trusting in me and thanks for being apart of the SBE TEAM!

I look forward to a NEW week with NEW money!

PS. Please Please text me if you are one to receive free play until we profit!


SBE Team
(954) 232 – 6242