Our Picks

11/11/15 Selections

Dear Clients,

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Absolutely awesome night last night for both system 1 and system 2! I recommend everyone sign up for both because system 2 is only $100 for the whole month. This price will go up soon.

We hit 7 out of 9 picks last night with system 2 for 2 units a piece and 4 out of 5 picks with system 2 for 2 units a piece! AWESOME NIGHT!

If you are interested in signing up for system 2 you can do so at www.connectpal.com/sportsbetexpert – we have won our first 7 weeks in a row. Crazy unbelievable work! Congrats to all our clients.

Tonight the card is small. We will take it easy. Small plays as we maintain for the bigger plays towards weekend!

Best of luck to everybody tonight!

SBE Team