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Week In Review(PLEASE READ)

Dear Clients,

Well. A crazy day today leading to +5units if you had Knicks +3 or +1unit if you didn’t get to buy 1/2 point. ALWAYS ALWAYS try to buy to what I have. +9units if you missed the 2H plays! The points given go into our system and give you the best chance to win/push always.

Listen, we were down -18units last week to end up week +1. We’re down -15units this week and we are going to work our tails off to get in the green. We won 14 straight weeks in a row and 37 of our last 45 weeks. Nobody on Earth has done and accomplished what we have. Yeah we lost two days in a row yesterday and day before and didn’t have an awesome day today. IT HAPPENS. You don’t think people ever lose two-three-four-five days in a row? It happens. We are human, just like you. KEEP YOUR HEADS UP, DIG DEEP, BE POSITIVE.

THIS IS a LONG TERM INVESTMENT. Yeah, we will win money FAST, and may have HUGE days sometimes, but our goal is to win LONG TERM. Trust the process, follow the system. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact us. We are the best in the business and we will continue to prove it. We have a lot of work to do Friday-Sunday, and it won’t be easy but we will make it happen.

REMEMBER. We’ve won 14 of our last 14 weeks, and 37 of our last 45 weeks. 37 winning weeks, 8 losing weeks. Pretty unreal. You won’t find that anywhere.

UNDERSTAND we can win or lose any given day. We have a winning week percentage of over 75% last 100 weeks. Over 80% winning month percentage last 2 years.

Lets get to the grind and make this cash.


SBE Team