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Week Recap

Dear Clients,

With the Cleveland Cavaliers series win today, we ended up pushing on the day.

It was an up and down week but we finished about even. Why we are perfectly ok with that? If we can win or push any day or any week or any month, the chances we end in the positive are 100%. We have won 9 of the last 10 weeks and now pushed this week. We also can take away that we avoided a disastrous Sunday and also, a disastrous system play with Detroit that so many people lost on, but we didn’t!

Tomorrow starts a new week and I cant wait to get a kickstart on it tomorrow.

We battled all week and all of you should be proud of yourselves for staying responsible and confident. The name of the game is so never step out! Trust the process, follow the system.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Happy Mothers Day!


SBE Team