Our Picks

Saturday, December 24th, 2022 Night Selections

Dear Clients,

If you can’t login to see picks we will text them to you with plenty of time to bet them!

Going back to the 100unit bankroll this week. Take your total amount of money you have to bet on sports and divide it by 100, that equals 1 unit. It is up to you if you want to stick to the script, ultimately it is your decision.

*System play is playing the odds that we won’t get swept in the 3-4 picks in a row. Bet normal on the first game, then we will double down if we lose the 1st pick, on the 2nd pick, triple down on them if they lose 2nd pick. Remember we are betting to win that amount of units. If you bet to win 5 units and they lose, you want to profit the next game, so bet to win more than what you risked! Double it, then triple it, so on and so forth!

Make sure you have notifications on our website on as well as instagram story and post notifications.
Good luck to all tonight!


SBE Team