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June 19th Week Recap

Dear Clients,

Well, there was some highs and lows to our week. We unfortunately didn’t finish the week how we wanted, but look, this is going to happen.

We were hot, we were cold. We salvaged a week and didn’t lose too bad.

Our goal is to profit in the longterm and we are doing that. We have now won 13 of our last 16 weeks. We threw back what we won last week but I expect a big turnaround in the coming weeks. Trust the process, follow the system.

If we can ride the rollercoaster downwards we can sure as hell ride it upwards. Believe in what we are doing. For those of you who have been with us understand its a longterm profitable experience. We are well over +80 units last 16 weeks! Keep the train moving.

The “50off” coupon will still be available to receive a week at $50 for one more week.

Lets have a good week next week ladies and gentlemen! Keep your heads up!


SBE Team