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9/28/15 System Plays

Dear Clients,

I have two very confident system plays this week starting tomorrow. Three teams are in the hunt for the AL West and AL Wild Card spots. A system play for those of you who do not know what it is:

We bet that the team wont get swept. So basically if they lose the first game, we are doubling down the second game, lose the second game, we triple down the third game. All to turn a profit for the WHOLE series. Obviously we have to consider the juice and bet a little more sometimes to make it worth the system play.


Houston Astros

Texas Rangers

Los Angeles Angels



I want you guys to get the best price on the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels for tomorrow. We are up 34 units in the month of September. So lets shoot for 4/9/20. That is 4 units tomorrow, 9 if they lose first game, 20 if they lose second game. This is for both games yes. Even if we split one, as long as the teams win in 2nd or 3rd game we will double profit from both games.


If you have any questions or need help with this please do not hesitate to contact me! Find the best PRICES you can get the games at! Again, we want to WIN the amount of units I tell you. Not RISK.


SBE Team