Our Picks

6/8/15 Selections

Dear Clients,

What a fabulous week it was. Gained around +16.5 units on the week making it our 12th winning week of our last 13, and 26th winning week of our last 32! Simply incredible!

Also, would like to welcome all of those who are new! Stick to the process, and do not step out! We have profited over +285 units the last 32 weeks.

The card is VERY tough tonight. We will be playing very, very small bets on all games tonight. We also have one system play this week that we will not deter from.

We will bet the Chicago Blackhawks each game until they win. For example:

Chicago Blackhawks tonight… 2 unit.
Next game, if they lose … 6 units.
Next game, if they lose … 14 units.

We tested this out for the first two games and they won the 1st one so it didn’t matter.

The baseball card is extremely, extremely tough tonight. We will go with the games we feel have the best chance to win.

Good luck tonight everybody and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


Pete and the SBE Team