Our Picks

6/4/2016 Update

Dear Clients,

Another split tonight. Unfortunately we head into Sunday down -3.5 units on the week. We will need a big Sunday to pull a profit.

We were not confident in anything else the rest of the night that is why we didn’t pull the trigger. Guys, we have won 12 of our last 13 weeks which is absurd. We will have losing weeks and we will have losing days. If we can continue the success we have been having then we will be extremely profitable over the longterm. That is the goal. Profit longterm.

Keep chugging along and playing smart. Be patient. Be responsible. Do not step out. Don’t chase. The money will come! Trust the process, follow the system!

Guys and gals. Do not worry about missing a play. We will never let you miss a winner.

Tomorrow we will have early games so be ready.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


SBE Team