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6/13/2016 Week Recap/Promo Code

Dear Clients,

What an unbelievable show of poise. We finished the week hitting 9 of our last 12 picks and most of our bigger unit plays! Extremely extremely proud of the SBE Team as a whole. Everyone showed patience and responsibility. The goal is to be in the green at the end of the week. Thats just what we did, and have been doing. Now making it 13 winning weeks of last 15!

Congratulations to all of our clients for another winning week!

I am feeling generous and am extending the opportunity to receive %50 off the week subscription. Use coupon code “50off” at checkout in the coupon code area of the week subscription.

We are extremely excited to start a new week today! Lets tackle the week and start with a BANG tonight! Picks will be out by 5:30-6:00 PM EST!


SBE Team