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5/20/2016 Week Update

Dear Clients,

Well, we got back what was ours last night as we split on the day and came back at night and picked up what we lost in the afternoon. I am VERY proud of the composure we showed and got back up over +4 units profit on the week last night.

We have won 10 of the last 11 weeks in the toughest part of the sports betting season. What we are accomplishing is nothing short of incredible. Trust the process, follow the system and we will continue to stay in the green. Be patient, responsible, and follow the 58u system.

Patience provides profitability. I am super excited to enter the weekend up +4 units and build on that over the next few days to end our week!

We will be having a major system play this weekend that I truly feel is a 99.9% winner. Lets make it happen!


SBE Team