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4/22/15 Week Update

Dear Clients,

There is nothing I can say to make you feel better after this awful start to our week. This is coming straight from myself, Pete, no assistant writing this email tonight.

Our team of experts, including myself, have failed you two straight days. Have we ever lost two days in a row? Yes.

I want you to keep your composure, don’t bet on impulse or emotions. We will fight to get out of this hole like we do each and every time we get in this predicament. Patience and responsibility will get us out. The SBE Team is due, we may end this week on a +60U run. The 58 unit system has failed us only 3 teams in 3 years, and I don’t expect a 4th time anytime soon.

We are down 24.56 units. Leaving us with 33.44 possible units to play with.

No one likes to start the week in the negative, and believe me, I am not happy about it. Our team of experts is going to pull through. Just like we always do. Trust the process.

Tomorrow is a new day. The SBE Team will be up all night searching for the gold.

If you are unhappy, email us. Not going to shy away, we take problems head on.