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3/20/15 Selections Updates!

Dear Clients,

First and foremost I want to apologize to those of you who didn’t get Ohio State 2H in yesterday.

It was on the site for about 15 minutes before I took it down. Reason I took it down was because daily clients cant see the past picks tab. I had posted the night selections 15 minutes before I posted the Ohio State 2H play. So, the chances every client saw the night picks before I took it down was slim. With all this happening made me purchase a text notification system.

If you would like to receive text notifications when picks are up, please text SBETEAM to 67076!

This will make it a lot better and more convenient. I wont be able to put the picks in the texts because it’s against regulations, but I will be able to tell you when picks are on your account.

There are no early games today. We may have a pick or two this afternoon… 3 PM EST – 6 PM EST and EVERYONE WILL BE NOTIFIED! I PROMISE!

Thanks for your continued support!