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11/9/2016 Wednesday Selections *** PLEASE READ ***

Dear Clients,

Split last night! Still up +5 units on the week, very happy with that.

Now, we have been on absolute fire as of late. We have won 27 of our last 35 weeks. I want everyone to understand that we will have losing nights, every night will not be a winning one even though we have been doing that, pretty unbelievable really! Not every night we will bet big, some nights we will bet 1 unit per play, sometimes 5 units. Depending how we feel.

Make sure you follow the system and do not step out. Our goal is to minimize our losing days and maximize our winning ones! Week to week, we want to turn a profit. So don’t step out! Stay in your lanes, trust the process, follow the system. This pertains to those of you who have just started with us more than my guys and gals who have been with me because they know it works already!

For those of you who are new, welcome to the SBE Team! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us. Text SBETEAM to 67076 for text notification updates!

Good luck to everybody tonight!


SBE Team