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11/13/2016 Sunday Selections

Dear Clients,

Great day in college yesterday, dropped some back in NBA. We still profited a small amount though and I will take that everyday.

We head into today up about +5units on the week. Very happy with that considering how up and down our week has been and how well we have been doing!

1 Unit Teaser! 4 Team 13 pt -120 Teaser (4 team) ties lose


Football #254 Carolina Panthers +10 for Game
Football #262 Washington Redskins +11 for Game
Football #263 Green Bay Packers +10 for Game
Football #272 Pittsburgh Steelers +10 for Game
11/13/2016 1:00 PM
11/13/2016 1:00 PM
11/13/2016 1:00 PM
11/13/2016 4:25 PM

For those of you who are new, welcome! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!


SBE Team