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10/6/15 Update

Dear Clients,

Awesome night! Clean sweep across the board with system 1 and 2!

To clarify things, system 2 is a totally different system. A lot of people like to just bet 1 or 2 games a night. This system gives that. Not everyday do we have a best bet or bets of the day, but when we do, we trigger.

Now, UNDERSTAND, that I could give out 8 games I like a little and they could all win, that’s why system 1 is fantastic. I would never give out 8 games with system 2. I’ll only give the games out I’m confident in, but sometimes those lose, and the least confident ones win. That’s just how it goes.

In conclusion, system 2 is only $115($15 goes to connectpal for fees that include, email updates, live updates, server support) for the WHOLE month, which is ridiculously cheap. Some people buy both systems and separate the two to profit on both. It is entirely up to you, you don’t have to signup for both. System 1 will continue to show profits in the long term as well as system 2. I only created it for those people who like to bet big, on one or two bets a night, rather than spreading the cash around to 5+ plays.

If you would like to signup for the second system, you can do so at www.connectpal.com/sportsbetexpert

We will continue to keep bringing you winners on both systems! Thanks for the constant support and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Once again, fantastic night tonight. Congrats to each and everyone of you!


SBE Team